Rachel Diana Avery(born Rachel Diana Moore, Formerly Rachel Diana Mackenzie) is the mother of Jane and Connor Avery(Mackenzie), her first mate was John Mackenzie her third cousin who forced her to mate with him in the 1700's and is the father of her son Connor. Her second mate and teenage crush/romance, Demon, James Avery found Rachel in Montana in 2002 with Connor's help he then proceeded to mate her breaking her Mating to John and freeing Connor to kill him three months later. James and Rachel have a daughter named Jane who was born in 2007.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Meeting James[edit | edit source]

Mating John[edit | edit source]

Missing Years[edit | edit source]

Having and Raising Connor[edit | edit source]

Reunion with James[edit | edit source]

Happily Ever After[edit | edit source]

Family Reunions[edit | edit source]

Helping Katelyn[edit | edit source]

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