Katelyn Monroe and Connor Avery

First Meeting Edit

Katelyn and Connor first met when Katelyn and Teddy were performing the spell that impregnated Liana with Holly and Peter. Connor ran in and broke the connection they were trying to make in order to insure that Liana and Roland's next child was a girl(Holly). This caused a small fraction in Teddy, Kate and Holly's Soulmate bond which was then transferedd to Connor.

The rescue Edit

Katelyn and Connor

A few months later Kate was attacked by a werewolf Stephen who is carnivore/cannibal as well as two other werewolves, Connor heard this and came to help, there was a avalanche and Stephen and the two other wolves got stuck in one part and Connor and Kate in the other. The attack was the day of the full moon later that night after hours of trying to dig themselves out they heard what they believe to be all three of the other wolves changing was Stephen going through that horrifying process , Kate became worried that Connor that would soon begin to change as well but when she asked him he assured her that she didn't have to worry about it, when she tried to question him on it he simply to her to trust him and she needn't worry and that she was safe with him. Right before they cleared the rocks enough for them to leave Stephen burst through and attacked Kate bitting her in the arms and on the stomach Connor knocked Stephan out and got Kate off the initiative property and healed her after she had passed out. When Kate woke he instructed her not to shift for a few days and disappeared without another word.

The Asylum Edit

Kate's close friends Jessica Monroe and Natalia ______ were put into The Asylum for unknown reason, after Kate recovered from her ordeal with Connor and Stephan she decided to rescue her friends. Although Kate was the one who built the machine that powered the shields around every somewhat major building in the world she was incapable of effecting it with getting close to it, remembering that Connor had managed to bypass the shield around the initiative she choose to seek him for help. First running all his legal addresses which most turned out to be empty warehouses other things like pizza shops finally after going through many other unofficial avenues she discovered a small cottage in the middle of the woods of Montana, no way of getting there otherwise she had Jack and Adam teleport her there, they hung back while she T.B.C

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