Jessica Victoria Monroe(birth name unknown) was named by Katelyn, her last name gifted to her name by Katelyn when she realize they were like family.

Background Edit

Jessica's mother was a Angel born to Lucifer and an unnamed Female angel, her father was a first generation Demon who escaped hell 42,000 years ago they met in New York City 17 years before the events of the first book they only knew each other for a few month which and up until recently he was unaware of Jessica's existence. This maybe the reason he doesn't believe her to be his daughter as well as the fact that she had power over fire while he was only a teleportation demon. Jessica had a hard time growing up partly to do with the fact that she was never given a proper name but simply referred to as "November" or "Six" because of her birthday being November 6th and nothing else being known about her. Jessica met Katie many times when they were children but they never liked each other much, that is until after Katie's accident in which Princess Anna of the Shapeshifter died and Katie lost her memory most people blamed Katie for the accident but Jessica was never a big fan of Anna to begin with so she saw no reason not to hang around her.

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