Jamison "Jamie" O'Connor is the fifth and favorite son of Adriana O'Connor.

Birth Edit

Childhood Edit

As a child was treated with a large amount of distain by his father and some of his older brothers.

The Depression Edit

With the started of the Great Depression all his older brothers left home in order to get better paying jobs to help support the family. By the begging of 1932 they were all gone in fall 1932 Jamie's father left his mother due to the belief that Jamie was not his son.

Leaving Home Edit

After 14 years away Frank returned in 1946, a year after the great war ended. In the following two years all Jamie's brothers returned home. Jamie's brothers who he hardly even remembered embraced him as the long lost brother that he was but their embrace soon turn cold when he refused to return it remembering their treatment of him as a child. It didn't help that Jamie refused to be civil with their father due to his abandonment but refused to tell them why. This led him to leave home go to college, a road he'd previously decided against.

Having received several substantial scholarships Jamie stayed in college for seven years earning himself eleven degrees including one doctorate and a PHD.

Joy Edit

In 1992, he met and began dating Savannah. She became pregnant soon after and gave birth to their daughter in 1993. Three years later their daughter died of a

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