Connor Alexander Avery(born Connor Alexander Mackenzie) is a former werewolf born from the forced mating of John and Rachel Avery, and older half brother to Jane Avery.

Connor was mostly raised by his mother but every few months his father would come and take him away in order to hurt Rachel. John was the leader of the Werewolves in The Seventh Werewolf-Witch War as of 2005 he is presumed dead. Conner mother Rachel broke her mating to John after nearly 200 years when she married James. Rachel and James have a daughter named Jane.

Early LifeEdit

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Trivia Edit

  • Connor was the first person in 600 years to be rejected from the werewolf species.
  • One of the few born with two extra powers: Emunity and his healing power.
  • One of four people in existence to have acquired a soulmate later in life.
  • Connor is the only known person to have four soulmates and to to have met more than three of them.`

Personality Edit

Connor is a very quiet person not to be confused with him being shy. Connor uses his silent to study the world around him. When he chooses to speak what he says is usually short and to the point this is how he is expect when around Kate who has a way of breaking him out of his shell so he tends to confide in her.

Connor is very good with kids as seen through his interactions with Jane and Holly.

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